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What is this?

SwapKit is a MIT-licensed library to allow locally installed iPhone apps to share data among themselves. It supplies facilities iPhone OS does not provide, including shared metadata on installed apps, binding applications to data types and app capabilities (similar to how apps in desktop OSes bind themselves to file types), and providing one-way and (planned) two-way communication to let apps collaborate and do more than any single one could ever hope to.

SwapKit requires no app to be installed except for your very own, or anything else from me except the code (and that's completely free and infinitely forkable for your pleasure). And all of the above is done in a 100% App Store-friendly fashion.

Wait, wait, I didn't quite get it. What does it do, exactly?

It provides:

Oooh! Nice! How do I get it?

Just head over to the Download page to get started!