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PlugSuit 1.5: Removing safely under Snow Leopard.

Current versions of PlugSuit are incompatible with Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), producing annoying password prompts. It is recommended that you disable and uninstall these versions of PlugSuit on 10.6. If you were using PlugSuit just to load Afloat, you can also upgrade your Afloat installation to fix this problem.

How to remove by updating to a more recent version of Afloat

The password prompt should disappear during installation. If it doesn't, click Cancel to close it.

How to remove without updating

To temporarily disable:

If the button says Enable instead, click it, then click it again once it becomes Disable.

To uninstall:

If the system cannot be started due to PlugSuit, see PlugSuit & Afloat contingency: Completely unable to use the Mac while active for more information. (The procedure mentioned in that article is still valid under Mac OS X 10.6.)